Never Compromise on Safety and Comfort: Choose the Best Transport Agency

If you are looking for the most reliable transport agency you should consider All Aboard America. This company has been in business since 1936 and has never let its customers go disappointed with the service. Be it the chauffeurs or the vehicles or anything that is remotely related with travelling, the company takes care of it all.

Union of reliable companies

As the saying goes, ‘Birds of a feather flock together’, All Aboard America has joined hands with Hotard Coaches and Calco Travels to offer its customers the best service. Celerity Partners continues to be a partner to the Company and these four companies, that are the best in their respective fields already, have come together to ensure the customers the best service in all possible ways.

The best thing about this union is that none of the companies have merged their resources into one. Although it is a union and we are talking about All Aboard America here, Hotard, Calco and Celerity are still all individual companies in an explicit partnership with the company. This way there is no room for rivalry or any professional mess among the companies. Hence, the result is, customers get only the upside of the union and there is no downside at all. The upside is that each aspect, be it the interiors, the seats or the maintenance of the parts of the coaches or the chauffeurs, are all at their best because they are the result of the assembled effort of the best of each field.

Affordable luxury motor coaches

The charters from all Aboard America are all luxury coaches but not to worry, you do not need to pay the premium charges because the company offers competitive pricing so that both, the business and the customers benefit each other. The aim of the company is to offer the passengers the ultimate comfort with the cozy seats and spacious coaches.

The air conditioning is always well-maintained throughout the year even if you don’t need it. There is good arrangement for accompanying physically challenged or sick people on wheel chairs so that you are comfortable and safe not only inside the coaches, but also outside if and when you need to take pauses.


This company is engaged in bus tours from more then 75 Years. With such old and reliable companies you will get nothing but flawless service. This is the transport agency that paranoid people or people with anxiety feel relaxed with and people who are into the habit of complaining find nothing to rightfully complain about. With this experience All Aboard America manages to travel miles with their passengers without having to hear a single complaint and passengers can enjoy the ride without any discomfort or anything to worry about.


All Aboard America offers its services in various regions including the following:

• Arizona

• New Mexico

• Texas

• Phoenix

• Grand Canyon

• Las Vegas

• San Francisco


The company offers safe yet speedy transportation at all times. The coaches are always on time and the chauffeurs are always reliable and polite. Please take a look at the reviews/testimonials pages to see what real users have to say about the service of the company and the chauffeurs.

Unique Selling Points

You must already be knowing how reputed the company is. However, here is a list of the reasons why people choose this company over and over again:

• The company has been family owned and operated ever since its inception and is therefore easy to get back to if you have a complaint.

• The road safety and cleanliness records the company claims to hold are all true.

• 24*7 service every day of the year.

• Difficult qualifying test for chauffeurs that includes a soft-skills test as well.

• Punctuality; both while reporting and while dropping the last person back home.

• Affordability.

• Arrangement for wheel chair for those who need it.

• Extra comfortable seats that ensure you no backache after miles of traveling.

No other company can offer you luxurious coaches with all these facilities at just a little higher price than ordinary coaches. This is why people choose this company over any other because the other companies are nowhere near the service of All Aboard America no matter what aspect is in question!

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