For many women, their wedding day is considered to be a day that they will remember forever. Thus, making sure that all things go well is always a high priority for both the bride and the wedding planner. While this is all great, one thing that is always overlooked about a wedding is the amount of money they cost. Depending on where you live, weddings will vary on price. Cities like Miami and Chicago are considered one of the priciest wedding locations due to the atmosphere and weather. For some,... more

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Not all the best weddings are because of the thousands of dollars spent for the preparation, nor is it because of the expertise of a wedding planner. In a world where everything is just a click away, the best wedding sites usually help the bride and groom come up with their dream wedding even on a tight budget. Searching on the web for the best wedding sites is as easy as learning ABCs, there are hundreds upon hundreds of wedding websites that offer a lot of advice, tips, and valuable information... more

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You may not be aware of it, but you are already using black and white wedding ideas for your wedding no matter the type of theme you are using. However, a definite black and white wedding would be the perfect theme if you want a classic, sophisticated, elegant and clean look to the ceremony. Most of all, you can have all these while cutting a lot of costs in your wedding budget. It is the simplest theme, yet it exudes the ideal formal wedding type. With the varied choices of black and white wedding... more

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Beach weddings have become very popular of late, not just because of economic reasons, but it paves the way for a casual, fun, and endearing affair that suits a young couples mood. Plus, you can decorate anyway you want without following the traditional way, which lessens the stress of the couple. With various options to choose from when it comes to beach wedding themes, you should come up with a fun celebration. With the blue skies above and the calm waters as natures gifts on your wedding day,... more

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 Even though colorprom dresses are known to be stylish, classic and beautiful, not all of them have the much desired ‘wow factor’. If you feel that your color prom dress is not at its best and would do well with some improvements, you have no reason to panic as you can fix the dress and make it one of the eye catching pieces during the prom time. Revamping your plain long short dress into a cute prone gown requires that you include some few accessories and sequins and leave everyone turning... more

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When prom time comes near, those involved in this activity are always busy with planning for the event. Ranging from hiring limousine service, hairstyling to getting the right make up, shoes and color dresses, you can bet that everyone is seriously busy. One of the most important aspects that define this event is the color prom dress. Actually, affordable prom dresses can be quite costly exceeding the budget of most girls. However, most girls do not realize that there are several ways of getting affordable prom... more

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While there are some areas in life where you can always get second chances, others like weddings do not offer you one more opportunity to shine. As such, they require that things must be done right first time. When speaking of weddings, one of the key decisions that must be made by the bride is selecting the right dress to grace the occasion in the sea of many. Choosing wedding dresses 2013 requires that you are very keen on the decisions you make as even slight mistakes can cost you a lot. Most... more

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Generally speaking, wedding dresses 2013 are available in a range of cuts including princess or A-line, Ball gown, mermaid shape, Empire waist and the column or taste. Browsing the internet among top online bridal wear stores or flipping your bridal magazine will present you with the various shapes and styles you can consider when searching for a modest wedding dress. Most importantly, you will have to hunt for that shape of dress that complement with the type of your body. Familiarizing yourself... more

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There is a wide selection of wedding dresses 2013 on the market that are designed to suit a given season, to match people’s needs and tastes and even to give color symbolism. With the wedding day being the most important day in your life, one of the critical decisions that you will have to make is the kind of dress that you will wear. Obviously, you can’t just walk up to a wedding store and pick the first wedding dress that comes along your way first. Buying wedding dresses 2013 requires that... more

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After exchanging vows, the first activity that the couple can do together is to celebrate their togetherness with a party with family members and close friends. Although there are many challenges you can encounter while preparing for a beach wedding reception, there are ways to overcome these. There are so many beach wedding reception ideas you can do to decorate for a festive celebration. Use the sun and the ocean breeze to your advantage and use a lot of imagination to come up with a spectacular... more

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