Beach weddings have become very popular of late, not just because of economic reasons, but it paves the way for a casual, fun, and endearing affair that suits a young couples mood. Plus, you can decorate anyway you want without following the traditional way, which lessens the stress of the couple. With various options to choose from when it comes to beach wedding themes, you should come up with a fun celebration. With the blue skies above and the calm waters as natures gifts on your wedding day,... more

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Dating has different meanings across the world. It can be defined as meeting of two people intimately and spending time together. Two people may be of same sex or different. They meet to spend time together. It can also be defined as a type of courtship involving a couple performing social activities for testing the others comfortability as a partner in a close relationship or maybe as life partner. There are several types of relationships in which whatever the relation are people try to understand... more

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