For engaged couples who plan to hold their wedding during the summer season, there’s no better theme than a beach wedding. The beach is the perfect place to take your marital vows and celebrate your first few hours as a married couple. To set the mood for your guests, a beach-themed invitation should be sent out. Ditch the usual invitation note cards you purchase in bulk, instead try unique and innovative beach wedding invitation ideas. When you think about beach, the things usually associated... more

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Beach weddings are usually more informal and carefree compared to traditional weddings, and as such, it should be shown in the pictures. Here are some beach wedding ideas for taking pictures that will help less experienced photographers to capture great moments at a beach wedding. The total lighting part is completely different in a sunny location. For someone who is not familiar with outdoor photos, it would be best to do some practice in beach photos. When taking pictures outdoors, the sun should... more

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A wedding is perhaps the most romantic occasion in a person’s life because it is the day when couples exchange vows and “I do’s”. Do not be taken aback if there are so many things you have to consider while you are you are preparing for your wedding. There are some minor wedding details that are usually disregarded like wedding favors. Wedding favors are not compulsory, but they are a great gesture of appreciation. Thus, it is always good to give away beach wedding favors. Below are some... more

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