The recession has started to hit weddings and so couples are now looking to make savings and cut costs for their special day. Wedding cakes are one of the large price tag items and so many people are now turning to making their own. As well as saving money you can have some fun making a design which is personal to you and has that handmade feel! You may think it is too complicated but these handy tips will help you: 1) Buy a ready iced blank wedding cake from your local supermarket or cake shop.... more

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Ever wondered where would be the perfect place for dating, the answer lies just around the corner and that is Facebook!! Facebook can definitely be considered as a dating website, it gives a chance to interact with different people across the globe. One may or may not have a profile in any of the online dating websites but one surely has an account in Facebook, with a whole collection of pictures and albums. The case begins with the shooting of friend request where the decision of the judge depends... more

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Ever faced a fear of asking a guy to a date? Is it too odd or does it sound too desperate? All these questions are usually wandering in a girls mind. But how long can you wait for him to ask you out? There are no such rules in dating as to who can take the first step. The best way is to ask out in person rather than texting or asking your friends to do you a favour. Dating isn’t a big deal anymore; it’s taken casually amongst today’s youth. Boys are usually pretty confident to ask for a girl’s... more

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