A first division by design among aircraft is between lighter-than-air, aerostat, and heavier-than-air aircraft, aerodyne. Examples of lighter-than-air aircraft include non-steerable balloons, such as hot air balloons and gas balloons, and steerable airships (sometimes called dirigible balloons) such as blimps (that have non-rigid construction) and rigid airships that have an internal frame. Jet Aircraft use air breathing jet engines which take in air, burn fuel with it in a combustion chamber, and... more

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When giving cut flowers as Valentine gifts, we adhere to a time-honored formula that takes into account rose color meanings. The formula matches a flower’s color to its intended meaning as a gift. If your loved ones are plant-lovers, consider buying them bushes (something they can plant outside later) for Valentine’s Day, rather than cut flowers. Miniature bushes are often available at the local florist shop; once Valentine’s Day arrives; spring (and spring planting!) can’t... more

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