There are plenty of rules and advice for getting a girl to fall in love with you. This is not about those rules and advice. This article focuses on basic concepts that can be used to strengthen a girl’s feeling of love for you. Become like a romantic Buddha. If you don’t love the girl, yet you make her fall in love with you, then you are going to have serious problems. Women will be really upset to find out that you do not love them and have just been leading them on. Become desire less.... more

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A good partnership is like tending to a pet – either you feed and nurture it, or bad things will happen. The small things you do become important. Daily habits help to forge strong relationships and marriages. It can be as simple as remembering to tell your partner “I love you,” everyday. And you may not even realize it, but you probably have something in your home that belongs to an ex. It might be your ex, it might be the ex of your partner, but any item that you have that belongs... more

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