Meeting a wealthy and successful man is proving difficult, perhaps you aren’t looking in the right places. Do some research on your city. Try to find upscale restaurants and bars–places where the wealthy socialize. Many cigar bars are popular spots for wealthy men to mingle. What about country clubs? Most people who belong to affluent country clubs are very wealthy. Try calling the club to see about private tennis or golf lessons or requesting a tour. Tell yourself that you will do at... more

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The dates that turn into question and answer sessions usually fail badly. Be unexpected. Talk about something original, something to set you aside from all the rest. Avoid giving straight answers. Sound strange? Try it. You’ll surprise them and you’ll start banter between you. This is a great way of being unexpected and interesting. Be positive. You need to keep a good tone to the meeting and leave them with good memories of you. Try and keep the conversation about the other person as much as... more

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