A holiday taken by a newly married couple.The Scandinavian word for honeymoon is derived, in part, from an ancient Northern European custom in which newlyweds, for the first month of their married life, drank a daily cup of honeyed wine called mead. The ancient practices of kidnaping of bride and drinking the honeyed wine date back to the history of Atilla, king of the Asiatic Huns from A.D. 433 to A.D. 453. So that leaves us with the question of where the “moon” in the word “honeymoon”... more

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When you picture your honeymoon, you might think of tropical islands and ocean breezes. How about just a beachside resort or some other warm weather retreat? While these are all good ideas, not everyone one gets married in the summer or is interested in lounging on the sand. So, what is a couple to do who is getting hitched in December and would rather have adventure than pure relaxation? Here are some ideas that are sure to please your more adventurous side. Aruba is one of the few warm Caribbean... more

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Getting a perfect gift for men is a tough job, It will be very difficult to select gift for men, if you don’t know their nature and choice, their likes and dislikes. You will give him some Accessories, like watches, cufflinks, sunglasses and leather belts, tiepins; bracelets will serve as a good option for him. Men generally fitted with gadgets. You can gift an iPod, PC, DVD player, Laptop, electronic notebook, mobile phone et all. Other way you can gift garments-shirt, coat, jacket, tie etc.... more

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