Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from harm while online dating.Try to be honest but choosy in giving your personal information. Choose screen name that is not close to your real name.way you can keep the online dating process relatively confined and private.Scammers use email to try and build an online relationship with you and they eventually profess their love. Once you do too, the scam kicks into high gear. An “emergency” (mother hospitalized, surgery needed) suddenly... more

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Traveling with cruise ships, luxury cruises for a majestic travel experience. Planning a cruise vacation is complicated. From arranging the proper airfare to packing the right clothes to arranging shore excursions, there are many steps that have to come together smoothly for a memorable and enjoyable getaway. When going on a cruise, make sure to take a power strip with you, because most cabins only have one outlet. This way you will have extra outlets for your hair dryer, cell phone charger, electric... more

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